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Pop Digital Indonesia

Empower The Next Billion

We are going to create opportunities for the people, and contribute to our society.

Being Entrepreneurs Incubator

We are going to develop young leaders from internal and external community.


Pop Digital Indonesia is a digital marketing startup under YOYO Holdings Pte. Ltd., established in September 2017.

By combining creative brains and advanced technologies, we give digital solutions to help brands meet their marketing needs in this 4.0 era.


On October 10, 2012, YOYO Holdings was established in Singapore.


Can-dy.ph is a micro-reward web service and the company's first product in Philippines.


YOYO Holdings introduced PopSlide, the first lock screen.


Popslide was awarded 1st place at the New Economy Summit in Tokyo, one of the biggest annual global conferences organized by the Japan Association of New Economy (JANE).


WE make success happen.

Ownership is taking the initiative to bring about positive results. It means not waiting for others to act and being accountable for the results of your actions.

WE ensure excellent results.

It is not the label we put on ourself, rather it is the description of how we do our work.

WE stand as one.

One for all, all for one, united we stand, divided we fall.

WE think of others.

Stay humble and always learn from anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

WE welcome differences.

We value everyone's contributions and feedback regardless of background, culture, and beliefs.

WE keep a safe environment.

Building trust requires confidence, faith, patience, and effort. We do what we say we'll do.

We work in a diverse and amazing community.

As marketers, designers, strategists, and digital natives, we are eager to give the best digital solution.

As gamers, travelers, artists, foodies, and pet lovers, we don’t forget to have fun.

People Behind the Scene

If you ever wonder who will work with you, here are some of them.

Yosuke Fukada
CEO and Founder
Just a Japanese guy with million dreams to empower society through digital marketing. Graduating from Osaka University with Master Degree, he joined DeNA, one of the biggest Mobile service startups in Japan. After successfully innovated a new business for B2B e-commerce, he continues to pursue his dreams through founding PDI.
Ergintianus Julianta
Business Director
With a rich background in media and digital advertising companies like Kompas, IDN, MicroAd Blade, AdsKom and NovaOn, also with his expertise in Programmatic Ads and Ad Network, he leads PDI as Business Director.
Oki Alfalasany
General Manager
Starting his career in media companies like Gatra, Berita Satu, and IDN, then he pursued his career in digital advertising company- NovaOn. He earned Google Adwords Certificate and is an expert in Programmatic Ads and Ad Network.
Dwy Haryani Hasibuan
Senior Business Development
With more than 6 years in the printed media industry, Dwy’s experience is unquestionable. Although started as a writer and reporter, Dwy found her interest marketing field. With a passion to connect with people and a competitive personality makes Dwy excel in business and marketing. Her notable experience was with GoGirl! Magazine. In PDI, she wants to get her knowledge to the next level, which is digital marketing.
Abraham Sattar
Creative Team Leader
His background in marketing communication and curiosity to understand human behavior lead Bram to be a Strategic Planner in PDI. With 6 years of experience in several roles with agencies and media to handle big clients, he is very familiar with making 360 strategies. Bram is now expanding his knowledge and focuses on digital and social media strategies.
Marketing Communication Manager
In her 7 years of experience as KOL specialist, Jacklyn found her love to connect influencers and brands. It is her passion to get to know influencer’s characteristics and to find the most suitable influencer for each brand. Jacko’s most notable client was Samsung where she learned a lot about KOL management.

What does the staff say?

What are products without any review, right? Here’s what they say about working life in Pop Digital Indonesia.


Where Parties Start

We work hard, so we can celebrate harder. It doesn’t have to be festive nor fancy, as long as we are having fun and enjoying each other’s company, we are partying! Food has to be involved!


So, are you ready to join the party?

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